Making Money from The Public Domain

The Public Domain Blueprint

There is so much income potential with public domain content. Frankly with a resource like this, I tend to get so overwhelmed with the amount of ideas for potential businesses, that my head spins.

I am going to outline a few of them in my public domain series.

Firstly, lets define the public domain.

The public domain is any creative work in which the copyright has expired or there never was a copyright in place. As a general rule, anything published before 1923 in the United States is in the public domain. There a few exceptions where the copyright was extended however these are remarkably few and far between.

What this means in that you can grab these ready made products, tweak them slightly (a change of title should suffice) and claim the copyright for your version of the content.

Seriously it is that easy.

If you are wondering what the quality of the information is like then allow me to give you a few examples. Ever heard of a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. This book is a classic and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. This was a public domain book which was sitting there with no copyright. Literally an unclaimed goldmine. A great book of his too by the way was ‘Master Key to Riches’ I thought was even better.

Or how about Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’. This is a book that has been adapted from public domain material which has netted the ‘author’ millions of dollars. Are you starting to see the potential here? If that is not enough for you then consider that the Walt Disney empire was built using public domain works by the Grimm brothers.

So how easy is it to obtain public domain books and how much do they cost?

My favourite source for these books is .Abe Books makes it really easy to do an advanced search. Just select the date of publication as before 1923 ie 1922 or before and make sure that you select United States. You can then put your keyword in and away you go.

There you can literally find public domain books on virtually any niche imaginable.

The price will depend on the book but you could literally find a book on there for $5 plus shipping.

Remember these are not crappy books, some of these are books were written by well respected authors.

The other huge point to remember is that these are complete products which could be used to sell as a ready made info product. You can purchase these for $5 instead of having to create it yourself. Seriously I know this is mind bending but I have used it successfully several times and it works.

Here are a few ideas for you to get started making money from the public domain.

This first one is great for any would be internet marketers who don’t yet have a website up.

Free Gift E-Book

What you would need to do is get the entire book scanned and sent to you on a word document. You can scan it yourself but I would recommend a service to do this for you as it would be very time consuming and tedious.

Remember that they will have to remove the pages from the spine in order to do this.

You will then receive the book in word format. Ensure that the copier shop can do this for you first.

You then change a few little bits like the title and even some of the content if it needs updating and brand it as your own.

I would strongly suggest that you create a cover and this could easily be done for $5 on a site like

Now all you need to do is convert the word document into a PDF. This can be done at the click of a button with a free program like Open Office. Add your image and name onto the cover and you have successfully created an info product.

If you are just getting started to internet marketing, then this little method can be really powerful.

What you would do is find other internet marketers in the niche that relates to your book and contact them asking if they would like to give your e-book to their customers as a free bonus gift.

This will add tremendous value to them as they then don’t have to source a bonus.

Your e-book will then be downloaded and read by almost all of the people who purchase that persons product. Not only that but they may just send out your book to their subscriber list for free to gain additional credibility. This is where your book will receive huge exposure proportionate to the size of the persons list.

So how do you make money?

Before you send them the PDF for them to send to their customers you will be selecting a few products of your own to sell as an affiliate. Clickbank would be great place to start as it is free to join and has thousand of digital products in every niche imaginable. It is very simple to place links in your e-book redirecting to your affiliate page.

Use some common sense here. Say you have contacted a guy who sells golf equipment and your book is about improving your overall golf game. This is great as your book compliments the golf equipment but does not directly compete with it. For instance, golfers by nature are passionate about the game and are willing to spend money on their hobby. They have proven this to you by purchasing your partner’s product. This is great news as this customer is a buyer, the most valuable type of potential customer you can have.

You would then find affiliate programs and sprinkle your links to them throughout the book.

Affiliate programs like : how to improve your ‘long game’ or how to improve your putting. The customer has read your e-book on how to improve your overall game and may be using it as a reference. Then when he realises that your e-book has helped improve his overall game and remembers that there were links in your e-book to programs which are more specific to improving his golf swing for example, he will purchase though your link.

A product to promote that could net you quicker returns is something like a ‘mental side of the game’ golf course. I am sure there are many out there. Just remember that it should compliment your partners product and not compete with it.

You will always hear the same thing from me. Great content is key! Provide great content and you will be rewarded greatly. People are so used to getting junk whether they have paid for it or received it for free that when you offer something for free which has great value, they will be far more likely to buy from you.

This method is far more powerful than most people would ever realise and utilizing it will do several things for you.

Firstly you could easily receive a very decent cash windfall from your efforts and it could continue for years to come with no additional work on your part.

Here is the real power of this method – You will be seen as an expert or authority on the subject, elevating you in the pecking order. If you don’t understand how powerful this is yet, then just try this method and you will soon see for yourself.

It does not stop there though. Unless you offer your partner exclusivity to your e-book, you can distribute your book to e-book syndication sites as well as on the social networks. This is extremely easy to do and considering you are offering such quality information for free this could easily go viral with hundreds of people passing it on to their friends. This can be done at the click of a button these days with networks like Twitter and Facebook and not only will this raise your status as an expert but your links within the e-book will be syndicated all over the net.

You intermediate and advanced marketers should be buzzing with excitement by now at the thought of how many people you could add to your list if you sent these visitors to squeeze page instead of affiliate links where they can receive more great content for free in exchange for their email addresses.

Lets not forget that you could also be selling this e-book as a course and you did not even have to create it.

Again I stress as with all internet marketing, quality is everything. So few people get this right and that’s exactly why so few people make money online. Great content is so important and it should be,if you are not proud to put your name on a product it should never be released to the public even for free.

These Clickbank morons who re-brand re-hashed, sub-standard products are actually doing us a favour as people who have been taken for a ride (everyone right?) will gravitate to those who exceed on quality and go the extra mile. That is what long term success in internet marketing is all about.

As a quick disclaimer, depending on the niche, you would usually be better off with a smaller e-book that packs a lot of great content. People have short attention spans and reading a 500 page e-book does not appeal to many.

So onto another idea for this content…

Membership Sites

If you can obtain several public domain books in your niche, you could easily set up a membership site with all of the content at your disposal.

Purchase several books and check their quality. In all honesty most of the books will be great quality but due to their age they may require some updating.

Next you can have a look and see how much quality content you could use. Start dissecting the information and create audio, articles, how to guides, and especially video. Video is what most people want these days and you could quite easily get more content than you know what to do with. This is not a bad thing because you will need to supply quality information on an ongoing basis.

Start getting creative and think of trade ideas. Lets use golf as an example again. Lets say you bought 10 great books and it will take some time to use up all of the content contained in them, you could make a deal with an online golf shop to give your customers a discount in exchange for a free e-book that they could give to their customers.

While you should not put affiliate links in this book, put your name on it with a link to your website which would improve your expert author status as well as traffic to your site.

You want to create a value thing for your customers and if you have an excess of content or even better some redundant content, barter deals on behalf of your members.

Getting money every month from membership sites is a very rewarding feeling but obviously it comes with the responsibility of adding fantastic value. A membership site can be created with no technical skills using a sites such as

One more fantastic use of public domain content is…

Article Marketing

If you have signed up to my FREE content syndication course then you will know how much value and leverage we can get out of a single article.

Now imagine buying a 300 page book for $5 and and breaking it down into 100 articles. How much would it cost you to get 100 quality articles written for you?

At least $1,000 if you are having quality articles written for you. Here you can purchase an e-book, and pay someone $50 to create as many articles as possible or you could do it yourself. It is certainly easier than writing 100 articles yourself.

You could then send these articles to article directories which allow an author resource box where you can leave a link to your site and a blurb giving you exponentially increased exposure and quality backlinks too which will improve your website’s rank in the search engines.

Remember how much we can do with a single article. If you don’t know how to leverage an article to ridiculous proportions then feel free to sign up for my FREE content syndication course here.

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